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Teejet Nozzle AIXR110 Air Inducted Extended Range Flat Fan

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Quantity Image Name Price
Teejet Nozzle    AIXR110015VP (Green) Teejet Nozzle AIXR110015VP (Green)
AIXR110015VP , 015 Green , Air Inducted
In stock
Teejet Nozzle    AIXR11002VP (Yellow)            Teejet Nozzle AIXR11002VP (Yellow)
AIXR11002VP , ( 02 Yellow) , Air Inducted
In stock
Teejet Nozzle    AIXR110025VP (Violet)  Teejet Nozzle AIXR110025VP (Violet)
AIXR110025VP , (025 Violet) , Air Inducted
In stock
Teejet Nozzle     AIXR11003VP (Blue) Teejet Nozzle AIXR11003VP (Blue)
AIXR11003VP , (03 Blue) , Air Inducted
In stock
Teejet Nozzle     AIXR11004VP (Red) Teejet Nozzle AIXR11004VP (Red)
AIXR11004VP , (04 Red) , Air Inducted
In stock
Teejet Nozzle    AIXR11005VP (Brown) Teejet Nozzle AIXR11005VP (Brown)
AIXR11005VP , (05 Brown) , Air Inducted
In stock
Teejet Nozzle    AIXR11006VP (Grey) Teejet Nozzle AIXR11006VP (Grey)
AIXR11006VP , (06 Grey) , Air Inducted
In stock

Customer Reviews

What our customers have to say

Excellent Service

Mark's knowledge of broadacre spraying was outstanding. Hassle free ordering with great communication throughout the entire process. Timely arrival of parts a few days later. Thanks for the help.

— Steve

Great Quality

I have been purchasing fittings from spraymart for my fabrication business. Cannot fault the quality of the fittings, great service and definitely recommend. 

— Dave

Great Range

Great range of products that suit my needs. We are regularly in need of BSP & NPT fittings and are really happy with the product, great service.

— Michael

Great Service

Very easy to use website, convenient for us because I can continue to get work done around the farm whilst my parts are delivered to my door. Mark and the team have been great. 

— Keith


Spraymart got me out of trouble as I was in urgent need of some camlocks. Easy ordering process, good to know you guys are there, will be ordering again. Thanks

— Geoff