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Air Inducted Turbo Twinjet

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Spray Nozzle Turbo TeeJet Air Induction TTI flat fan spray nozzles  


  • 110° wide angle, air induction, tapered flat spray tip pattern based on the patented outlet orifice design of the original Turbo TeeJet® nozzle, 
  • Patented orifice design provides large, round passages to minimize plugging, 
  • Depending on the chemical, produces large air-filled drops through a Venturi air aspirator resulting in less drift, 
  • All polymer construction for excellent chemical and wear resistance, 
  • Compact size to prevent tip damage, 
  • Removable pre-orifice, 
  • Ideal for use with automatic sprayer controllers, 
  • Wide operating pressure range:  - 15–100 PSI (1–7 bar), 
  • Automatic alignment when used with 25598-*-NYR Quick TeeJet® cap and gasket. 


Spray Nozzle Caps to Suit TeeJet Air Induction Spray Nozzle:-  the Quick TeeJet cap provides automatic nozzle alignment and are designed with grooves that fit locating lugs on the nozzle body.  Caps are made of Nylon and are available for use with all TeeJet® spray tips.  Maximum operating pressure of 300 PSI (20 bar)​.




Brand Teejet

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