Teejet Nozzle SJ3 Streamjet

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Teejet SJ3-015-VP Streamjet (Green) Nozzle Teejet SJ3-015-VP Streamjet (Green) Nozzle
SJ3-015-VP 015 Green
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Teejet SJ3-02-VP Streamjet (Yellow) Nozzle Teejet SJ3-02-VP Streamjet (Yellow) Nozzle
SJ3-02-VP02 Yellow
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Teejet SJ3-03-VP Streamjet (Blue) Nozzle Teejet SJ3-03-VP Streamjet (Blue) Nozzle
SJ3-03-VP 03 Blue
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Teejet SJ3-04-VP Streamjet (Red) Nozzle Teejet SJ3-04-VP Streamjet (Red) Nozzle
SJ3-04-VP 04 Red
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Teejet SJ3-05-VP Streamjet (Brown) Nozzle Teejet SJ3-05-VP Streamjet (Brown) Nozzle
SJ3-05-VP 05 Brown
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TeeJet StreamJet SJ3 Fertilizer Nozzles

Typical Applications:

  • Excellent for application of liquid fertilizer on bare ground or in standing crop.
  • 3-stream pattern is ideal for directed application.


  • VISI-FLO® color-coding system.
  • Three solid streams of equal velocity and capacity.
  • Removable metering orifice for easy cleaning.
  • Ten sizes for a wide range of application rates.
  • Equally spaced distribution at 20" (50 cm) height.
  • Use with Quick TeeJet Cap -  Black, CP25597 NY
  • All acetal construction for excellent chemical resistance.
  • Recommended operating pressure: 20-60 PSI (1.5-4 bar)
  • Solid stream pattern minimizes leaf burn and virtually eliminates drift.

TeeJet Spray Nozzle Cap & Seal:-  the Quick TeeJet cap provides automatic nozzle alignment and are designed with grooves that fit locating lugs on the nozzle body.  Caps are made of Nylon and are available for use with all TeeJet® spray tips.  Maximum operating pressure of 300 PSI (20 bar)​.


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