Teejet Nozzle Body QJ39685-1R-500-NYB

Single Right Hand - 1/2" Barb

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TeeJet Triple Nozzle Body QJ360C Multiple outlets for wet booms Features

  • Available with either 3, 4 or 5 spray positions for easy change of spray tips or quick boom flushing, Positive shutoff between each position
  • Automatic spray alignment using flat fan spray tips
  • Maximum operating pressure of 300 PSI (20 bar)
  • Available in 20 mm, 25 mm, ½ ", ¾", or 1" pipe connections
  • Includes Chem Saver diaphragm check valve for drip-free shutoff. Standard diaphragm opens at 10PSI (0.7 bar)
  • Standard EPDM diaphragm with Viton available as an option
  • Also availabel with optional 56720 Air ChemSaver or 55280 e-ChemSaver shutoff valves
  • Flow Rate: 2.25 GPM (8.5 1/min) at 5 PSI (0.34 bar) pressure drip, 3.18 GPM (12.0 1/min) with 10 PSI (0.69 bar) pressure drop
  • Mounts to a 3.8" (9.5 mm) hole drilled in pipe or tubing
  • Molded hex socket in upper clamp for attaching to flat surfaces.
  • Accepts 5/16" or M8 bolt
  • Hinged upper clamp reduces assemble time and fits inside common boom channels.
Part Number Number of spray Outlets To Clamp On
QJ363C-¾-NYB 3 ¾” Pipe
QJ363C-1-NYB 3 1” Pipe



Information Sheet [PDF] Data Sheet [PDF]  


SKU QJ39685-1R-500-NYB
Brand Teejet

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