Teejet Nozzle Bodies QJ39685 Series

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QJ39685-1L-500-NYB          Teejet Nozzle Body QJ39685-1L-500-NYB Teejet Nozzle Body
Single Left Hand - 1/2" Barb
In stock
QJ39685-1R-500-NYB     Teejet Nozzle Body QJ39685-1R-500-NYB Teejet Nozzle Body
Single Right Hand - 1/2" Barb
In stock
QJ39685-2-500-NYB     Teejet Nozzle Body QJ39685-2-500-NYB Teejet Nozzle Body
Double Side - 1/2" Barbs
In stock
TeeJet Nozzle Body QJ39685 Series
  • Use with Quick TeeJet caps.
  • Hose shanks available in double or single (left or right) for 1/29 hose I.D.
  • TeeJet ChemSaver drip-free shutoff.
  • Made of corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Maximum operating pressure of 300 PSI (20 bar).
  • QJ39684 uses Nylon nut instead of brass nut.
Note: Support is normally supplied by the customer. TeeJet vari-spacing clamps AA111-* can be used.
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QJ39685-1L-500-NYB Single Left
QJ39685-2-500-NYB Double
QJ39685-1R-500-NYB Single Right



SKU TeejetNozzleBodiesQJ39685
Brand Teejet

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