New Product - Teejet Guidance

Date Posted:12 December 2014 

The compact Matrix 430 is an easy to use, low cost, graphical guidance system ideal for first-time users. The full-colour, touch screen display allows the operator too efficiently navigate fields with minimal skips and overlaps in coverage.

Matrix 430 Features and Benefits

  • Compact, rugged & portable GPS Guidance package.
  • Easy to setup & use
  • Can quickly be moved from one vehicle to another
  • Ideal for spraying & spreading
  • High-contrast, full-colour, 4.3” touchscreen display provides superior visibility in bright light conditions
  • Guidance modes include: Straight AB, Curved AB, Circle Pivot, and Last Pass
  • On screen hectare metre, and ground speed display.
  • Boundary function allows for easy and precise measurement of field area
  • Return-to-point feature allows operator to easily resume jobs or mark field hazards
  • Implement ON/OFF status can be manually activated on screen for single or multiple sections or for single section only with status detect wire
  • Applied alert provides operator with audible alarm when entering into previously applied areas
  • High-quality, internal GPS/GLONASS engine with ClearPath technology that enhanced pass to pass accuracy
  • Simple reporting function provides coverage reports in .KML or .PDF format downloaded via USB port
  • Optional RXA-30 antenna provides improved reception and noise rejection for situations where GNSS signals may be weak or partially obstructed


New Product Release – December 2014

Matrix 430 Guidance Simplified [PDF]

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