Nozzle Pressure and Flow Checks

Date Posted:26 July 2013 

Tips on some basic checks you may find useful
Nozzle pressure and Flow checks
1. Use a pressure gauge to check boom pressures randomly across the boom.
Pressure variations should be confined to within a few percent across the boom.
If not there will be issues with filtration, boom valves or solenoids, kinked hoses etc.
2. Randomly check Nozzle flows across the boom. Set boom spraying at a nominal pressure –say 3 bar. Using a jug time the nozzle for 1 minute into a measuring jug. The litres per min/per nozzle should match the specification for that particular nozzle type and should not vary more than 10 percent across the boom. If out of specification, replace nozzles
3. Visually check nozzles for irregular fan pattern, chips, clogs and alignment.
4. Check non drip check valves randomly for clogs and diaphragm integrity

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