GPS Guidance

Date Posted:4 April 2013 

GPS guidance replaces out dated machine guidance methods such as foam markers and side disc markers. GPS gives far more precise machine guidance over foam markers which can be up to 5 meters out. GPS systems can be fitted to any machine.

GPS systems use satellites to reference their position and depending on the accuracy required use a correction method to give a precise location. This is presented on a screen in the cab as a line the operator can steer to.

More sophisticated systems have record keeping capabilities such as coverage maps. Prescription maps can be loaded for variable application. History and records may be downloaded or transferred to a computer, laptop or portable device for reporting and planning purposes.

In addition to this, when spraying, an automatic nozzle shut off system can be added which shuts off nozzles that enter an area that is already sprayed, this can save around 10 per cent of product straight up.

GPS systems vary in price depending on the accuracy required but present real savings in terms of more accurate product application by not over or under applying. With auto boom control and auto steer there are also major improvements in operator fatigue.

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